• Parents willing to admit their students for school transport services are required to register at SSSBT office or at the school.
  • The application form to be completed with all required information.
  • SSSBT coordinator will contact the parents with regards to the registration of transport services within two working days after receiving the application.
  • SSSBT Coordinator and Bus Monitor to be introduced to the Guardian/Nanny who will be responsible during pick up and drop off.
  • SSSBT will provide seat, based on availability on first come first serve basis.
  • SSSBT will provide student ID card which needs to be carried while using the services. No student will be permitted to board the bus without the ID card.
  • ID card lost, misplaced, damaged or reissued due to update of any information will be replaced with a fee of AED 25.
  • Student to be seated at the designated seats assigned by SSSBT or School.
  • SSSBT Coordinator and Bus Monitor will be the point of contact for day to day communication.
  • Parents have to inform SSSBT coordinator or the respective bus monitor if the student is absent on any particular day.
  • SSSBT coordinator or Bus Monitor to be informed if the parent wishes to drop or pick their children to and from school.
  • During drop off, it is mandatory that the Parent/Guardian/Nanny is present to receive the student of KG to Grade 5. In some cases if the Parent/Guardian/Nanny is unavailable to receive the student at the designated place and time, SSSBT will bring the student back to SSSBT Office/School and it will be the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian/Nanny to pick the student from SSSBT Office/School.

Riding the school bus is a new experience for some children. The bus is a very safe way for your child to travel to and from school. In fact, school buses are the safest vehicles on the road. Below are practical tips to help you prepare your child to safely ride the school bus.

  • Students should show respect for the school bus Driver and Bus Monitor at all times and follow their instructions promptly.
  • Students MUST remain seated in their assigned seat and buckle their seatbelt at all times unless otherwise directed by the school bus Driver or Bus monitor.
  • Quiet conversation with the student seated near you is allowed.
  • Food, gum or drinks are NOT to be consumed on the school bus. Finish eating/drinking before entering the bus.
  • Harassment and Bullying fellow students, Bus Monitor and Bus Driver are strictly prohibited at all times.
  • Please make sure your Child remembers their name, address and phone number and their school and teachers name. They should also know the Bus number and the Bus Monitors name.
  • Do NOT litter on the bus or throw things from the bus.
  • Do NOT tamper with bus equipment, or the emergency exits.
  • If you are not going to ride, please call the Bus Monitor or Bus Coordinator.
  • Please do not enter the buses, as this will cause operational difficulties for the Bus Driver and Bus Monitor.

Concerns About School Bus Driver -

If you have a concern with the SSSBT bus driver or Bus Monitor, please contact the School Bus Coordinator. If your issue is still not resolved please contact the Back Office of SSSBT and register a complaint via email or via telephone. Do not approach the bus driver or stop the bus or interfere with the operation of the school bus in any way.

Student Behaviour Affects Bus Safety -

The behavior of each student on the bus directly affects the safety of others. Incidents of poor behavior on the bus are directly reported in writing by the Bus Monitor to the School Coordinator and then to School Principal. Depending on the seriousness of the incident, the principal may issue a warning to the student, speak to parents, suspend bus privileges or take other disciplinary action.

Safety Initiatives -

The following safeguards will assist students during the first few weeks of school:

  • Bus Numbers - Each school bus has a route number and it is posted in the front window and the door side of the bus. This helps the students to identify the bus.
  • Bus Stops - Bus drivers will have a list of their students and their stops. The Bus Monitor will assist younger children in learning their stop.
  • School Bus Orientation – School Bus Monitor will assist teachers in familiarizing your child with bus routines and expectations.

Further SSSBT request parents to make sure the students are aware of the bus rules and also respect the Bus Driver and Monitor and adhere to all instructions issued by them at all times.

Again, SEVEN STARS SCHOOL BUSES TRANSPORTATION are pleased to provide your child school bus transportation to and from school. Above are the rules for students riding the bus that was adopted by the SSSBT. One element of the School bus safety program is the important role Parents share in reinforcing school bus safety. Please take the time to review the above safety procedures with your child, so they have a clear understanding of the conduct expected of them while traveling to and from school.

  • SSSBT Transport Coordinator will check the route and the pick-up / drop off point to ensure that they are able to offer the service in your area and that the pick-up / drop off point is safe. Once this has been confirmed you will be notified of the timings, bus number, bus monitor’s contact details.
  • Bus Monitors will not pick and drop students at their door; instead they are picked-up and dropped off at the pre-determined location points.
  • Bus route and timing are determined by the areas in Abu Dhabi where the students are residing. Every student who travels on an SSSBT bus is expected to be at the desig nated waiting point five minutes before the scheduled arrival time. Buses will not leave from location ahead of schedule. However, buses will not be able to wait at pick-up points for not more than one minute after the scheduled time. Due to traffic delays buses may arrive at pick-up and drop off points behind schedule.
  • Students between KG to Grade 5 will not be dropped without the presence of Parents/Guardian/Nanny. Parents will be notified and the student can be collected from SSSBT Office/School.
  • SSSBT does not accept verbal requests from Parents/Guardian/Nanny for students to be picked up or dropped off from unauthorized locations.
  • SSSBT will not be given any notification calls to Parents/Guardian/Nanny before the pick-up and drop off time.
SSSBT requires every student to adhere with the Bus Behavior Code. SSSBT requires full cooperation of the parents to keep their children safe and happy, while travelling to and from school. Parents are required to discuss the safety measures with their child which will be very helpful.
  • Be Kind, Safe, Respectful and maintain discipline at all times.
  • Be responsible for getting on to the bus on time after school, as buses will not wait
  • Respect the School Bus Driver and Monitor with the same manner as you would be with your teachers, and their instructions must be followed at all times.
  • Remain seated on the designated seat facing forward and wear the seatbelts throughout the bus journey.
  • Keep the aisle and walkway clear at all times.
  • Report problems to the Bus Monitor / Bus Driver.
  • Be ready and on time for Pick-Up and Drop Off.
  • Have their belongings organized and adequately secured before arriving at their stop.
  • Speak quietly with “inside voices” throughout the bus journey.
  • Take responsibility for their valuables such as jewellery and electronic devices etc. SSSBT will not be responsible for any loss of personal property.
  • Get off the bus only at their designated stop unless permission is otherwise granted by the Bus monitor.
  • Open the window at any time during the journey.
  • Throw objects of any kind in or outside the bus.
  • Shout, Scream or use offensive, profane insulting language on the bus.
  • Physically abuse and bully any passengers in or off the bus.
  • Indulge in any kind of act that will damage SSSBT school buses
  • Bring friends or outsiders into the bus.
  • Place anything outside the windows of the bus at any time.
  • Eat and drink in the bus.
  • Switch/Change buses without the permission of the school coordinator.
  • Keep the bus waiting, as it causes inconvenience to other students on the route.